Greenville, SC. Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Professional organizers often recommend “looking up” to find storage space, and our overhead garage storage solutions help you make the most of every inch of your home’s available storage space.

More than half of homeowners with two car garages can’t fit two cars inside due to other storage needs – and 25% can’t even fit one car inside!

Ceiling garage racks enable you to store items out of the way, but still within easy reach, reducing frustration and helping you run a more functional, more organized home. They increase your usable space, and for many clients, this means being able to fully utilize their garage space to protect their vehicles, and better yet, you’ll barely even notice they’re there.

Overhead garage storage systems are an ideal solution for getting your things off of the floor and out of sight. With everything neatly stored overhead, your garage will achieve the clean, finished look you’ve always wanted. Overhead garage storages are great for creating floor space, keeping items out of sight and out of reach from the little ones

Greenville SC.
Overhead Storage

In addition to an effective garage overhead storage system, you can add even more functionality to your garage with our other smart storage solutions:

  • Garage Storages Cabinets that increase your storage space and improve your garage’s interior appearance
  • freestanding industrial storage racks that can handle your heavy-duty storage needs for items you need to have more accessible at ground level


Remeber installing garage overhead storage racks that are meant to handle heavy weight loads requires expertise. Suspended overhead racks need to be properly attached to your rafter or ceiling joists, while a wall-mounted tire rack also needs a stable anchoring foundation.

That’s why one of the garage overhead storage tips worth heeding is to leave the installation of specialty racking in the garage to a professional.